JUST IN: “Negro” Series Vase designed by Marianne Starck for Michael Andersen & Son --- SOLD

Modernist vase from the “Negro” series designed by Marianne Starck (1931-2007) for Michael Andersen and Son, Bornholm, Denmark. Incised triangle fish mark, 5508. Height: 6 inches. Price: SOLD

Marianne Starck (1931 – 2007) worked at Michael Andersen & Sons, Bornholm as the Artistic Director from 1955 to its closure in 1993. During these decades her output of designs was vast. Marianne originally come from Germany where she undertook an apprenticeship at the Thoms pottery in northern Germany, and later studied graphic design in Germany at Landeskunstschule (University of Fine Arts, Hamburg). 

One of her most striking and very popular series of designs was for the 1950s “Negro” series. This series features white motifs carved through to black clay – the form would have been slip cast first and then finished and carved by hand and you can usually see the carve marks in the black clay. The motifs in this series vary from abstract forms, to stylised plants, animals and human forms to simple repeat patterns.