JUST IN: Lillemor Mannerheim (1950s) Enigmatic Mod White Cat

Lillemor Mannerheim fantastic mod cat with slender form, glossy white glaze, and hand decorated fishes in black, red and blue.

            Reporter: Are you a mod or a rocker?

            Ringo: Um, no. I'm a mocker.

                         --- A Hard Day's Night (1964 )

Maker: Gefle, original production; Size: Height: 6.3 in; Marked: Gefle, Lillemor Mannerheim. Price: $190

Lillemor Mannerheim (1927 - 1994) is one of the well known representatives of the illustrious Nordic ceramic design of the 20th century. She was one of the leading designers for Gefle, Rorstrand and Arabia in the 1950s - 1980s. Mannerheim is represented at numerous museums in Sweden and Finland.