JUST IN: Stig Lindberg (Karneval 1958) Spectacular rectangular vase

The Karneval series with its broad spectrum of imaginative designs has become one of the best-known symbols of Swedish modern design. Stig Lindberg designed the series in 1958 for Gustavsberg ceramic factory. The Karneval series is made of earthenware with bluish white tin glaze and hand painted polychrome decoration. It consists of 32 pieces ranging from small dishes to grand vases.

Size: Height: 7.1 inches, Width:  2.8 inches, Depth:  2.0 inches; Marked: The blue Gustavsberg studio hand of Stig Lindberg. Price: $340

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) is one of the most renowned representatives of the illustrious Swedish ceramic design of the 20th century. He is well-known for his constant creativity and exceptional eye for shapes, proportions and patterns. Lindberg is represented at the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design.