JUST IN: Viking Göransson - Tri-Color vase

Viking Göransson, 707 M FL, Tri-Color vase designed for Upsala-Ekeby, Sweden. Years: 1953 – 1959; Size 8.3” tall; light crazing, Marked: Ekeby. Price: $110

Viking Göransson (1900 – 1985) was a Swedish architect and designer. He studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in 1920-1924 and at the Royal Institute of Arts in 1926-1928. From 1950 until 1952 he was the artistic director of Upsala-Ekeby. Göransson worked as castle architect at Uppsala Castle between  1964 and 1983. Viking Göransson was married to Ingrid Atterberg, one of the leading designers for the Upsala-Ekeby factory in the 1950s and 1960s. Photo: Ingrid Atterberg & Viking Göransson.