JUST IN: Anna-Lisa Thomson - Spectra plate

Anna-Lisa Thomson (1905-1952). Spectra curved plate, designed for Upsala-Ekeby, Sweden. Years: 1951-65; Length 14.2" Width 9.4." Signed: “A.L.T.” Marked: “UE, Sweden, 1067, A.L.T.” Price: $185

Anna-Lisa Thomson was born in the southern Sweden town of Karlskrona. She received formal training at the University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design in Stockholm.

Thomson started employment at Upsala-Ekeby ceramic factory in 1933. At Upsala-Ekeby she, Sven Erik Skawonius, and Vicke Lindstrand changed the company's ceramic direction. Her work was innovative; testing new materials and decorative techniques. She developed a signature style with simple, clean forms. She  is best known for the 1948 series "Paprika" (Peppers). The series was manufactured using the Sgrafitto technique, where a sharp object is used to carve a pattern in a glazed surface. Paprika became the best-selling series in Upsala-Ekeby’s history.

Anna-Lisa Thomson was also a talented painter. Her work was naive, nature-inspired and colorful. A foundation in memory of Anna-Lisa Thomson was founded after her death in 1952. The foundation's main task is to award annual scholarships to promising women artists. Anna-Lisa Thomson is represented at the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design. Photo: Anna-Lisa Thomson