JUST IN: Stig Lindberg (Reptil 1953) Yellow Vase

Stig Lindberg's iconic MCM vase with swelling form, scale relief pattern, and matte pastel yellow glaze. The vase was designed in 1953 as part of the Reptile (Reptil) series. Artist Stig Lindberg; Year 1953; Series Reptile (Reptil); Maker Gustavsberg, original production; Material Stoneware;  Height:  7.1 in Width: 5.1 in Depth: 3.5 in. Price: $340

Stig Lindberg designed the Reptil (Reptile) series in 1953 for the Gustavsberg factory in the Stockholm archipelago. The series consists of seven vases and three dishes. The Reptil objects are made of white stoneware in reptile scale relief and with glazes in era-typical color tones.