Just In: Dale model, M-4 Sherman tank with box--SOLD

Dale model, M-4 Sherman tank with box, 1st generation. SOLD.

Recognition models, also referred to as ID models or spotters models, were used by the armed forces to train troops to identify ships, airplanes and ground vehicles. H.A. Framburg and CO. was (and is) a manufacturer of lamps and other lighting products. In WWI, Framburg helped the war effort by making high powered search lights. During WWII, Framburg was awarded contracts to build recognition models. Framburg built models for both ships and land vehicles (tanks and armored cars).

Near the end of WWII, Framburg decided to refocus on lighting fixtures.

Mr. Dale, a Framburg employee, left the company and started producing models with the molds under arrangement with Framburg. Dale modified the original Framburg land vehicle molds by making two fundamental changes. First, he added wheels to the base, allowing the model to roll (1st generation). Secondly, he separated the mold into parts, casting the turret separately from the chassis, allowing the turret to rotate (2nd generation).